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  • Frequently asked questions
    • Sign up and listing

      If I own more than one rental shop, can I manage all from one profile?

      Sure. You have just to mention on your items online different addresses, one for each store. To make easier the owner business we developped the possibility to set a password to login and edit your bank account details so that every employer can manage your account comfortably.

      I uploaded an item but I don’t see it online, why isn’t it displayed?

      We want to guarantee an high quality service and assist you in the items setting up. Our team verify if your item is complete and attractive, before is going to be visible online to everybody. When your item is approved, you will receive an email notifying that it has been agreed and it’s available online.

    • Online booking and feedback

      How long do I have to accept reservations?

      You can accept reservations within 7 days. Over this period the reservation will expire automatically and you will be not able to execute anything.

      What’s happen if I’ve not availability to satisfy a rental reservation?

      You are free to refuse a reservation anytime without constraints, penalties and costs. In case you can contact our International Customer Care to satisfy your customer so that we can help you to find a solution.

      How am I going to communicate with the client?

      After you accept the reservation you will have the possibility to chat with your client directly on your booking and monitoring, thanks to Instant Message method system. If you need you will be able to communicate by email or phone, because contact details will be known.

      How does the feedback work?

      When the rental period is done, the client will have the possibility to leave a feedback about your business and your sport equipment. You will be able to do the same, leaving a feedback to your client.

    • Earnings and online payment

      How does the payment service work?

      Gearbear uses Stripe, the secure and certified method of payment, that allows every user to pay safely online by credit card. When a client send a request of booking, makes a payment in advance that will be blocked for 7 days and charged to your bank account, only after the reservation will be accepted.

      How long before I will get the money?

      After you will accept the reservation the credit will be transferred to you bank account within 7 working days, according to your bank circuit.

      How does the Gearbear 15% percentage payment work?

      You have not to think about anything. Thanks to the method of payment Stripe, the total amount will be divided in two parts: your 85% and Gearbear 15% (payment service included).

      Can I use Paypal or other methods of payment?

      Stripe is the only method of payment that lets you to receive payments to provide income security. We decided not to use Paypal because the cost of the service could have been decreased you profit significantly.

    • Customer care

      How and when can I contact the international customer care assistance?

      We never sleep, write us in chat or email to

    • Accounting

      How to manage the accounting?

      When you accept a reservation Gearbear provide you a summary with your incomes in details. If the reservation is done long time in advance you can prepare your invoice or receipt with total amount paid by the user, showing the date of your credit transfer to your bank account. If instead the reservation is referred to the day to pick the equipment up, you can prepare the invoice/receipt in advance to give to the customer with the reservation printing as a testimony of transaction. Gearbear will send you an invoice relating to 15% which was retained, so that your accountant can compensate for your income in respect of 15% percentage.