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We offer rental and outdoor experiences through thousands of our local selected partners. Compare. Save. Enjoy!

We are Alvin and Michael, and we are avid hikers and other outdoor activities. Our inspiration began to form in 2017 when searching for different travel destinations and activities online. We noticed that although there were lots of areas and activities to choose from, it was complicated to find rental options nearby.

Based on increasing tourists which sees monthly tourism estimates over 300,000 and including local Kiwis going on holidays, rental of gears and equipment have risen along with the development in tourism.

Being hiking enthusiasts that we are, we wanted a platform that is easier to navigate and bring more affordable options to travelers and first-timers to any activity. Instead of having to purchase all the right equipment or renting gears at skyrocket prices, local businesses could provide gear rentals at more affordable prices, with suitable periods and can also provide recommendations for local hotspots. The idea branched out to include all the grand outdoor activities that New Zeland has to offer.

With our peer to peer rental platform, We bring consumers and local businesses together. Businesses will have the opportunity to showcase the gears to a broader consumer base, while the consumers will have an easier time finding what they need and take the hassle out of planning. Use Gearbear. Save your time, and enjoy the Kiwi experiences.

So why buy it when you can rent it?

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Gearbear advantages

  • Travel light

  • Save time

  • Compare equipment (or)

    Compare prices, models and availability from shops in hundreds of locations

  • Rent where you want

  • Secure and guaranteed payment

Why people choose Gearbear

Book early in order to find the desired equipment, skip queues and waiting times.

How it works:

Go to Gearbear compare the equipment and pick the one that is best for you from the shop you like.

Gearbear is also yours; we are waiting for you.

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